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E-Type Jaguar V12 Coupe - Home

Welcome to my ramblings about what was once my pride and joy, a 1972 E-Type Jaguar V12 2+2 Series III Coupe.  This site follows my purchase, restoration, ownership and eventual sale of this highly collectible Jaguar sports car and I welcome any feedback or questions via E-mail.  

Jaguar E-Type CoupeI owned and restored this magnificent V12 E-Type Jaguar for five years and had the pleasure of driving it for 15,000 trouble free kilometres before selling it onto a new Queensland based custodian.  I then undertook a new direction with my hobby car ownership and replaced the “E” with its  modern day equivalent - a 2000 Jaguar XKR supercar, which you can review on my Jaguar XKR pages.  Why did I sell such a beautiful vehicle?  Well this is a question many of my friends asked at the time and I must admit that when I look back at the photos of the completed car I really do miss it, however I enjoy my cars and like to keep moving forward and experience something different every few years while I can still afford this somewhat extravagant hobby.

The E-Type was the second classic Jaguar that I owned and restored.  My first Jag was a beautiful 1977 XJC V12, which is the rare Coupe version of the popular XJ Jaguar saloon.  To check out my first Jag take a look at my Jaguar XJC pages.

The E-Type Jaguar had been a long time favourite dream car of mine.  My first involvement with one was when I drooled over a local mechanic’s white E-Type Coupe when I was a boy in the sixties. They have always appealed to me, however it took many years to finally possess my own beautiful classic E-Type Jaguar that I share with you here. E Type series 3 V12


This E-Type is an original Australian delivered 2+2 Coupe that was manufactured in February 1972.  It is number 1,148 of 2,116 right hand drive series III V12 Coupes built.  Only 114 of these cars were originally imported into Australia by Leyland, which makes it a rather rare vehicle in Australia.  It is not known how many of the original 114 still exist.

Following an extensive bare metal restoration the car was put into service as my weekend hobby car and entered in Jaguar social and show events with the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria.  With detailed attention to some minor areas it would have been more than capable of receiving top awards, however, I was more interested in enjoying it on the road than spending all my time polishing it.

Concourse results

  • 2008 Australian National Jaguar Rally (Geelong) - Concourse d’Etat - Gold Award
  • 2007 Jaguar Car Club of Victoria, State Concourse - Enthusiast Class - Gold Award
  • 2006 Jaguar Car Club of Victoria, State Concourse - Enthusiast Class - Gold Award
  • 2005 Jaguar Car Club of Victoria, State Concourse - Enthusiast Class - Silver Award
  • 2004 Jaguar Car Club of Victoria, State Concourse - Enthusiast Class - Gold Award
  • 2004 Australian National Jaguar Rally (Canberra) - Concourse d’Etat - Silver Award
Classic Jag E Type 2+2 V12


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